Saturday, August 27, 2016

Darth Maffett speaks out on Misty Knight!

I gotta vent on this one. I am happy as the next brotha to see Luke Cage getting his own show. And in true Luke Cage fashion he is dating a white chick (spoiler… who he gets pregnant and has a daughter with in the comic). And like most Black comic fans I am STOKED to have the possibility of Misty Knight being a character. But what I do have a problem with is with the casting of black women in comic movies. They all pretty much are light skinned, skinny, with very european looking features. 
I’ll give you storm.. (cause HALLEY BERRY IS NOT STORM… and yeah Alexandria Shipp looked better but meh….) BUT MISTY!? Come on! Misty is a hard boilded NYC cop who got her arm chopped off! I don’t think she should look like a damn Victoria secrets model. She should look like she could take and give a punch! Remember this is the chick that roomed in college with Jean Grey. And if as sista has to to deal with mental telepath nut case like her then she should be more sturdy. Comics like Hollywood constantly down play the true beauty of the races! Not everyone has to look like he or she stepped of of the Highlands of Scotland for goodness sake!

My choice… Adrienne “Black Cindy!”Moore. Don’t hate or judge because all yinz know her character rocks the cell blocks at Litchfield Penitentiary! Moore has proved her chops as an actress! Before anyone goes on with she needs to be in character and show more range argument… Let me remind you that SAM JACKSON is in a ton of movies and pretty much is the same character (save a few movies…). I enjoy me some Sammy J but sometimes his character range is limited. Back to Moore… Even if she had the same vibe and attitude as Black Cindy… I think it would work as Misty and make the character more believable. As for Simone Missick, I think she would make a hella Storm! 

Oh and the art work above is from a character study for my Marvel Submission that will feature MY VERSION of Misty Knight! She is gonna be Plus Sized Ass Kickin' Crime Fighting Machine!


ILD230 Project #3 - S.H.I.E.L.D. Repulsor pistol

For this project I had to create a set of instructions on how to operate a simple item. I though since I am going the S.H.I.E.L.D. genre … create a Stark A.R.C. Technology based weapon. Ok, We all know Stark Technology is not real and it’s just a NERF gun. BUT! In my mind I AM A SHIELD special agent and this is one of the weapons at my disposal to fight, terrorist mutants, bad guy super humans, and people who piss me off in general!

I created a 3d  model of the gun and then rotated it in various directions to get the correct feel of a instructional manual. (it kinda has a throw back to my digital illustrationfinal where I drew a Stormtrooper blaster)

Reference photo for the 3D model


ILD 230 Project #2 - Stark Hand A.R.C. Repulsor

The next technical drawing project was to come up with a functioning item. Of course I wanted to do Captain America’s shield but it was too basic of an item. So I chose to make an IronMan Stark Repulsor. I bought one of these a few years ago (and the IronMan Mask… and the WarMachine Mask … and the Iron Patriot Mask…Don’t judge me… ).

Jedi Master Moyers said that he wanted us to make various “skins” for the item that we drew. So I created a War Machine version, a Model 42 version, and a Camo version… as well as the traditional Mark IV version.

This project made it into the school display box so I am stoked!

Note Cody Wilbourn was the hand model for this project

ILD 230 Project #1 - Just another screwdriver

This project was for technical illustration. Finally something I can draw without getting frustrated. I have spent many late nights, early mornings and times in between trying to come up with technical drawings for various client projects. So when Jedi Master Moyers assigned the padawans of Ai Atlanta in technical drawing class to make a technical drawing of an ordinary item I was like “score!”

I pick the Black and Decker electric screw driver. I am intimately familiar with this item because it’s the “go to” tool in my tool box. I’ve owned a lot of them. (they tend to get broken so I have to buy another about every other year).

The most challenging part was the front adjustment grommet. I think I got it though.

Final Vector Technical Drawing

Reference Image

Monday, August 15, 2016

D.L. can I have a piece of gum?

Today's color study is of my art buddy Noelle. She is a up an once fashion major turned up and coming fine artist.

This particular piece is accurately titled "D.L.? Can I have a piece of gum?"-Noelle in repose. Simply because Noelle has asked me for gum for the past 2 semesters while we slaved away under the tutelage of Prof. Moyers.

Noelle is a talented painter! I mean home girl can stroke! Check out her blog to see her stuff. I like the reference photo because it truly captured her personality.

This particular piece was illustrated digitally using sketchbook pro using my Samsung Tablet.  I started out with the observing her base photo taken by Kalonji Almond.

I then did a quick pencil study to get the feel and flow of the pose

I next did a more detailed pencil study using a digital light box technique