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The Soul of a Hero Press Release

Press Release
The Soul of a Hero

The production Team of DPD&Y! , in association with independent comic publisher
 Red Handed Studios, is proud to announce the upcoming Graphic Novel, The Soul of a Hero. This project is a story arc branching from Red Handed Studio’s acclaimed title, Fallen Justice. The Soul of a Hero is a five issue limited graphic novel. It is written by Phil Knox and illustrated by D.L. Maffett, with Dony Armstrong providing colors and additional illustrations by Youmin Park.

Like all start-up projects, The Soul of a Hero will rely on the generous support of friends and fans of the comic. To make a donation or to learn more about the creative vision of the project visit the indieGoGo group fundraising campaign web site at http// .

The Soul of a Hero will be available to read FOR FREE on line as a web graphic novel and available for purchase in print or in digital format.

The Soul of a Hero follows the adventures of Eldrige Cleaver Talbot, known by his moniker HellYeah!. He is a man on a path to find his true calling …to become a hero. Exploring issues deep soul shaping concepts of faith, redemption and destiny, The Soul of a Hero reminds us why we fell in love with comics in the first place and takes us to a place we’ve never been.

Set in the iconic 1970s and against the backdrop of fictional town, Steel City Pennsylvania, the struggle of good vs. evil plays out throughout the series. Characters from the Fallen Justice series HellYeah!, Blitz, Cruise, Smashing Johnson and Allison Wonderland cross paths with new characters Cobra Chung and Bombshell. Thick with 70s exploitation themes, satire, humor and non-stop The Soul of a Hero is sure to be an instant cult sensation.

The Soul of a Hero is now in current production and scheduled to release in on line Web graphic novel format the fall of 2013 and is sure to be one Hell of a Ride!

For more information and to experience this free dynamic web graphic novel, visit the website at

About The production team

DPD&Y! is a team of comic creators spanning the globe from the United States to Canada to South Africa who specialize produce stunning comics. DPD&Y! is comprised of members of the Christian Comic Arts Society and have similar ideas that believers can make good comics without being preachy –the lesson should be caught and not simply taught.  The team members contracted to this project are D.L. Maffett, Phil Knox, Dony Armstrong and Youmin Park. Contact and portfolio information is listed below.

D.L. Maffett – Creative Director, Lead Illustrator, Co-Writer
(The Tactical Pencil)

D.L. Maffett fancies himself as a part-time crime fighter and full-time comic book artist. He tries to balances his duties as art director of The Tactical Pencil Creative Artistic Contractors and as a Deputy Sheriff in the greater Atlanta Area. His main passion is being husband Veronica and a dad to their two adult children. Kiarra and Debony. A graduate of Morehouse College a proud brother of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., D.L. has a strong background in graphic design and print but his first love is illustration and comics. Currently he is working on various comic projects including Raegan and RJ in Space, Evil Deeds and The Victorious Life. You can see more by visiting his blog,

Phil Knox –Producer, Writer, Letterer
(A monkey with a typewriter)

Hailing from the far side of the Galaxy . . . . Not Really, more like southern California; but hey, even Stan Lee had a great opener. Phil has been writing now for the better part of a decade after being published at the age of 22 years with his book,
Beneath the City's Shadows. His other works include: Resurrection Hero (due out this year), Grim City Stories (2010), and Light house (2008). Phil has shown no signs of slowing down as he is the current writer for Soul of a Hero and Co-Publisher of 8 bit Pulp.

Dony Armstrong – Color Artist, special digital effects, Assistant Creative Director
(Jedi Colorist)

Like most artists, Dony started early, always found with pencil in hand. As a kid he was always told there was no money in art and went to college for computing, receiving several certifications. After many years and a number of unfulfilling positions, he found his way back to his love of art, thanks to coloring with his daughter. Dony’s most recent endeavor has been in digital paint, where he finds great joy in the challenge.

Youmin Park – Cover & Splash Page Illustrator
(The SteamPunkPowerHouse!)

Youmin Park, a woman who born in South Korean but lives in South Africa now, is a graduate of the University of Pretoria with a BA in Information Design. She's currently working as a freelance illustrator and designer. She loves comics, manga, illustration and anything that challenges her creativity and imagination. She has been brought up with cultural experience by visiting and interacting with people in various countries, which this helped her to broaden her creativity and be respectful towards the ethnicity and culture.

Joseph Szejk – Creative Editing Consultant.
(The Quiet Partner Behind the Scenes)

Joe Szejk has a long background in writing, editing, marketing and project management.  A 16-time World Heavyweight Champion, he is known as Polish Apocalypse by some and El Guapo by others.  Along with saving the Earth on numerous occasions, he has won a multitude of Blue Ribbons for his Pittsburgh Spit barbeque sauce. During his graduate studies, he won the American Scholastic Press Association’s coveted award, “Best Literary and Art Magazine in the Nation.” This former Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing has spoken nationally and won a number marketing industry awards from the PRSA, AMA, Higher Education Marketing Report, the Telly's, CASE, and more. His work has been highlighted in USA Today. A devoted husband and father, Szejk is married with two children.   

About the Publisher

Red Handed Studios
Red Handed Studios is a small Indy comics publisher specializing in high quality story and art. The studio places a high price on quality over quantity, and yet still manages to put out a nice steady stream of product for folks enjoying a wide range of genre and style. For the entire Fallen Justice webcomic check

Cary Kelley

Cary Kelley is the founder and owner of Red Handed Studios and does most of the writing chores, all the production and design work, and a great deal of the lettering on the books the studio produces. He created the Fallen Justice universe along with Harold Edge and Steven Forbes and Dead Reckoning with Scottie Ray Watson, as well as creating 48, Totem, The Kansas Hit, and several other forthcoming titles. He also lettered the first two issues of Sky Pirates, wrote three issues of the Nifty comic The Cadre, and did letters on the Zuda winning web comic Extra Curricular Activities. Cary is also the principle writer and letterer for the Dynagirl series, so he stays busy. Cary wanders the Earth a lot, but makes his home in the Texas Hill Country with his wife Victoria and their baby boy Logan!
See more of Cary’s work at

For more information on The Soul of a Hero Graphic Novel, please contact

D.L. Maffett


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Get Ready for Kick off!

I am asking that 51 people be ready to donate $51 to the Soul of a Hero IndieGoGo group fund raising campaign! Our need is $3000! (but would love to surpass that goal with $3500) I have some committed backers already but we need YOU! You will be greatly rewarded with so of the best donation gifts and perks EVER! So remember donate to Soul of a Hero's Indie GoGo campaign and TELL A FRIEND!