Monday, January 30, 2017

SWAT! gone but not forgotten

This project was fun. It is the second rendition of my SWAT Team's mascot.
It was great drawing this
Initial pencils

Digital Inks


Its a Wrap!

Things are looking up as an artist for me!
I found out that my bus wrap design for The Art Institute of Atlanta was selected for production!
So now Yinz will see my art work driving around North Atlanta!

I chose to make the bus look like a video game with students of various disciplines and diversity running to get to school


The Ratchet Rapunzel Script

Here is the script for Ratchet Rapunzel  ... storyboard soon to follow ... Characters here

BACKSTORY - Told by storyteller – this portion may be edited to in rolling “star wars” type script on screen)
Once upon a time there was a rumor that an ageless princess named Rapunzel, was held captive in a high tower guarded by a large red dragon. It was said many a brave man had tried to rescue her but was never seen or heard from after he tried. One day a very young naive knight who was ranging along wondered about the tower and the dragon and if it were myth. He asked the king about the tower but was told to forget it and focus on winning glory for the realm in the battles to come. Curiosity got the better of young knight and he, donned his armor, sharpened his sword, waxed his lance, polished his shield, and ride his horse and visited the tower.  This is his tale…

At the drawbridge of the tower he was met by the fearsome dragon. The dragon warned the knight that if he try to pass he would be burned and eaten, and would be given only this warning. The young knight, now more determined to prove his courage, rose his lance and challenged the dragon. The dragon said that he is getting to old for this sort of thing and if they can come to an agreement. The knight would be allowed to proceed, only if agreed to give up his weapons and armor. The dragon also said there is one way up to the tower you must tell Rapunzel to let down her hair and climb. The knight thinking that this is his lucky day agreed. He proceeded skipping on to the tower.

The knight could see a woman’s figure in the high window of the tower. Excitedly he cried “Rapunzel ! Let down your hair, so that I may come up and visit you!” Rapunzel let down her hair and he excitedly climbed. It took him about an hour but he finally made it. Rapunzel was as beautiful as he fantasized.

They talked, laughed and played for a bit but Rapunzel started to act strange. Rapunzel would be nice one minute and the next raging and furious. Rapunzel and the knight would argue and she would demand that he leave, and as the knight walked to window to figure out how he would leave she would beg him to stay. The knight noticed a bottle Zyprexa on the counter, He figured Rapunzel may need them and offered them to her. Rapunzel became more upset and threw the pills out of the window! What the knight thought would be few hours of fun, seemed to turn into years of misery! The knight tried to sooth her but she became upset again and start to fight and argue. The knight was confused and decided that he had enough, He demanded that Rapunzel let her hair down so he could climb down and leave. In a rage Rapunzel shaved her hair and threw it into the fire! She told him he could never leave and that he would have to stay forever. She then grabbed her scissors and tried to stab the knight chasing him around the room.


Outside the window the knight saw the dragon watching. He begged the dragon to help. Laughing the dragon agreed and told him to jump out and onto his back. The knight leaped to the dragon. Rapunzel screamed and demanded that the dragon bring the knight back. The knight hugged the dragon and thanked it for rescuing him.  As they flew the dragon giggled and said to the knight “Sometimes, princesses are locked in towers to protect them from the world, and other times they are locked up so to protect the world from them....”

A story boarding we go!

I am taking TWO story boarding classes this semester. One online the other on campus. Prof Kim Male, is teaching the online version while Prof David Moyers (one of my mentors) is teaching the on campus version.  Both offer pretty time intensive and creative projects.

For this post I will focus on Prof Male's assignment. One of my assignments was to come up with a story, characters, storyboard and anamatics for a short story. The story was to be based off of a fairy tale with a twist.

I chose to use Rapunzel. Why? Because I used to tell both my kids fractured fairy tales and try to make them life lessons. Nearly 15 yrs later they will come up to me and say, "Oh now I get it..." The story of "Ratchet Rapunzel" is no different.

I will include the entire script in another post. (read it here)

But here are the character design, model sheets and development thus far

The Knight - I wanted to mix this story up a bit! So I chose to make the knight, a frat bruh who is just out to have a good time. His costume and armor will be symbolically whimsical  to some. Drawing from both African and Greek themes.

Rapunzel - Again going with the crazy culture mash up, which I so love. I chose to make Rapunzel from the Far East. As a kid I LOVED THE DRAGON LADY in the daffy duck cartoon! She was mad sexy, and had much attitude! I also enjoyed the way Chuck Jones designed her! So my Rapunzel is my homage to her!

Rapunzels Tower - I spent an entire afternoon designing and making this 3D model. There is a complete interior design too, but I'll save that for later. You may also see this as a environment in my ongoing web graphic novel The Soul of a Hero.

The Dragon - Basic, I got tired and lazy and just slapped him together.  Don't judge me! I did all this over a 24 hour period with little sleep!

there you have it folks. your hard earned tax money dollars (GI Bill), yet again, pay my way through art school! Enjoy!