Monday, January 30, 2017

A story boarding we go!

I am taking TWO story boarding classes this semester. One online the other on campus. Prof Kim Male, is teaching the online version while Prof David Moyers (one of my mentors) is teaching the on campus version.  Both offer pretty time intensive and creative projects.

For this post I will focus on Prof Male's assignment. One of my assignments was to come up with a story, characters, storyboard and anamatics for a short story. The story was to be based off of a fairy tale with a twist.

I chose to use Rapunzel. Why? Because I used to tell both my kids fractured fairy tales and try to make them life lessons. Nearly 15 yrs later they will come up to me and say, "Oh now I get it..." The story of "Ratchet Rapunzel" is no different.

I will include the entire script in another post. (read it here)

But here are the character design, model sheets and development thus far

The Knight - I wanted to mix this story up a bit! So I chose to make the knight, a frat bruh who is just out to have a good time. His costume and armor will be symbolically whimsical  to some. Drawing from both African and Greek themes.

Rapunzel - Again going with the crazy culture mash up, which I so love. I chose to make Rapunzel from the Far East. As a kid I LOVED THE DRAGON LADY in the daffy duck cartoon! She was mad sexy, and had much attitude! I also enjoyed the way Chuck Jones designed her! So my Rapunzel is my homage to her!

Rapunzels Tower - I spent an entire afternoon designing and making this 3D model. There is a complete interior design too, but I'll save that for later. You may also see this as a environment in my ongoing web graphic novel The Soul of a Hero.

The Dragon - Basic, I got tired and lazy and just slapped him together.  Don't judge me! I did all this over a 24 hour period with little sleep!

there you have it folks. your hard earned tax money dollars (GI Bill), yet again, pay my way through art school! Enjoy!

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