Friday, January 10, 2014

Taking a Hot Bath with the Koi Dragon!

We are gearing up to produce The Soul of a Hero, Epidsode #2: HARD KNOX! In this issue we will get to see more of the SOAH and FALLEN JUSTICE universe.  This post I am giving you a sneak peak at The Koi Dragon's lair... the Lucky Lady Lounge. Yup here is your all access pass to the infamous bath house of the lady of fire.  I did the whole room in sketch up. I want to get some crazy camera angles for these scenes. I want to put the reader in the mindset that they are a wisp of steam watching the whole scene play out. By putting in the time and effort to make a 3D model of the entire room, I will be able to achieve that effect. Want more SOAH insider info? Then its as easy as liking us on facebook!