Wednesday, October 8, 2014

More characters for issue SOUL OF A HERO 2

Taking a much needed break from working on other projects to knock out some The Soul of a Hero development stuff. Here are two characters that you will see in this next issue. You will be seeing more of these two the newer episodes of the webcomic.  The Koi Dragon and The Luck Lady Madam. This is the final concept and development for Koi Dragon. For those faithful blogfans you would have remembered her from the initial concept and design sketches. If you are a new fan check here. It was a challenge designing an elderly asian female as a character. I didn't like how the arms turned out and they look way too long. I really like how Koi came out. I wanted her to have a Anna Mae Wong vibe but like most of my characters, once I started drawing... the pen took over and she took on the persona that she wanted. The tatts took a lot of work too. But now that they are designed, I have a great reference and and high resolution images to use. Don Armstrong did a great job in coloring these Yakuza Styled tattoos for the special edition prints that were given out as IndieGoGo perks.