Sunday, October 20, 2013

Prepare to Launch!

New Hope Space Port, New Hope TN. This is the fictional Space port from Raegan and RJ in space. I have been working in 3D for the past few months. Now its time to put all that training into practice. In this issue of R&RJ: Satellite Rescue you will see new 3D rendered objects and backgrounds like this one. I designed the star port in sketch up and took a cue from movie set design. The external and internal models are two different sets. The external model is mostly like a real miniature model, that's only a 3D representation. I can rotate the image to how ever I want, add nice perspectives and zoom in. So the building will look the same in every panel. As for the interior, I designed a pretty neat set with removable walls and objects so I can move the camera where I want it to set the scene. Look for some very interesting and creative backgrounds. This goes kinda against (or maybe for) what Chris Flick was talking about using backgrounds in comics. I have been picking on ol' Chris for the last few days about his Blog about do web-comics need backgrounds. R&RJ is not really a web comic but more of a comic that has a web format. But I am using it to explore the possibilities of #D rendered backgrounds. Expect some innovative things from this issue (due out around Christmas? hopefully?)

Please support R&RJ in Space. Its a cool Christian comic (thats free online) and for a nominal charge in print. It is published and produced solely by Richard Collins. He has a dream to make christian children's comics and is quickly accomplishing that goal. Read more and order today!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DeathShot for Ransom Comics

This is a Commission for Ransom Comics. It features one of their characters DeathShot. The total project took about 2 hrs from start to finish. The challenge here was creating a steampunk character that looked cool, and deadly but not silly and dumpy. I created the logo to represent the steel and bronze associated with Steampunk and swiped a background of gears from google images and added a cool burned looking border. I had to rework the company logo because all they had was a low res JPEG. I recreated the logo in illustrator and its fully vector. The googles and bowler cap proved to be the most challenging. I designed them in sketch up and then added the scratches and knicks by hand in Manga Studio 4. (note this was one of my last MS4 projects because I am solely use Manga Studio 5 now). So if you need/want a commission or need cover art... I am in business!

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Incredible Fraziers

here is more commission art from the Soul of a Hero group funding campaign. My friend and supporter Niecy Frazier wanted a family comic book cover. I thought to go the movie poster route. Since she has a larger family I chose to make them the Incredibles. It came off well, I must say that Niecy's caricature is the most accurate one I believe that have drawn to date.