Saturday, February 23, 2013

Operation One Voice Warrior Shirt

Working with Operation One Voice is so cool! Bill Stevens and the crew do a great job in raising money to help out wounded and fallen special operations forces soldiers and their families. I have been involved with this worth while cause since 2008.  This is the concept design for this years "Warrior Challenge" Adventure run. It is going to be held at Lake Lanier this fall. Keep posted for ways you can participate. Plus you can earn one of these cool t-shirts! CLICK HERE for more on Operation One Voice!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Satellite Rescue!

Richard Collins keeps blessing me with work! I am VERY thankful for that. Here is the commissioned cover of his next project Raegen & RJ in Space: Satellite Rescue! This was a fun project because it offered me the chance to work with Google SketchUp for 3D objects. I also am getting a better feel of how I want to draw R&RJ for the covers. Raegen will have some type of blowing hair issue with a slight smile, while RJ just looks coy with that "I just did something that you will never find out about" grin on his face. It is challenging to make them look like kids. So that is why I went with a more cartoon style for the interior art (see previous entry).

Changing Styles...

well not really. Just going to a more cartoon look for this project. There are a lot of pages and its geared for younger readers. I think the detailed graphic novel look is a little too much for the audience. I found it easier to make the kids look like kids in this style too.  I always wanted to use this style, which I use for laying out pages prior to final drafts for comics. I wanted to do a comic in this version and look for a while.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Inking the Virtuous Life

Here are my inks over Mel Todd's pencils for The Virtuous Life. I enjoy Mel work he has a unique take on characters with a focus on  anatomy and prospective. His work on Allegories of the Way is astounding. AND GET THIS! its all FREE! If you are looking for a good Christian based comic with a good story taken from a very unique prospective check it out here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Colony of New Hope

Welcome to the colony of New Hope. This is a page from Raegan and RJ in Space: Mission to the 3 Suns. Richard Collins contracted me to redraw the entire comic after seeing how I (and Dony Armstrong) reworked his cover. All the images here are computer generated. I wanted to give the images for the splash pages a computer interface look and use the captions bubbles to look like hologram dialoge boxes that you would see in a Sci Fi movie. I am proud of this project because this computer generated look is something I always wanted to master since I was a kid and saw the Death Star's schematics in Star Wars.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Soul of a Hero

Eldridge Cleaver Talbot a.k.a. HELLYEAH! The Soul of a Hero. Here is the main character from the up an coming web graphic novel. I finally got him the way I want  him to look. I also have been working hard on my inking. I am trying to achieve what I describe as an "east meets west style" in that I want the clean conture lines of a Manga with the deep bold hashing of golden age comic art. I am slowly getting there.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Steel City - Town of Champions! Located in the State of Heroes!

Why is it that all the cool people I have found on line lately have been either from Pittsburgh or out of the Great State of Pennsylvania ! Such as illustrator Dawn Griffen ~ web comic guru, illustrator Frank Soto ~ guru inker, Ali Spangnola ~ Rock Star guru, Mike Bertucci ~ Gun dealer guru, Joe Szejk ~ writer guru. So now you may ask What is Steel City? It is the fictional representation of the City of Pittsburgh! The MOST AWESOME PLACE ON EARTH. (no its really a dump) but its cool because I got my start as a kid there. The place seemed to energize me! So it will be the basis of most of the Web Comic projects I will produce.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Never to be Humble Drill Sergeant

Here is one of my all time greatest inspirations Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Some may love her while other hate her, but She is one of my favs. Her advice is on point and relevant cutting through the excuses and 'bull' that people try to hide behind. Unfortunately, photos from her the past, then statements taken out of context caused her to suffer greatly. But as for me I still respect and honor her "Never to be humble" opinions. This is a drawing I did back in 2000.
For more on the good doc click here

Friday, February 1, 2013

Autographs but no interviews...Please!



Recently got back from my retreat and to my excitement not one BUT TWO autographs came in the mail! I ordered books and resources from two of my revered personalities in comics and they both signed the correspondence. I have been a fan of Rich Buckler since I was a kid. In fact after re reading his book, I realized where I got some of my techniques and ideas for page layout from. Thanks again guys for helping me on my way to become a better comic artists. I will be in one of the "Greats" one day!