Tuesday, February 25, 2014

get ready for issue #2

a little sample of things to come

This layout is an alternate cover. I always wanted to do a 1970s Kung Fu movie poster, and what better way than for a cover of The Soul of a Hero!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A little Valentine's Day Tongue and Cheek!

Yup! Just when you thought the good (well really bad) Detective could sink no lower. I found this vintage print of FunBunny Magazine. The magazine was actually in perfect condition. This is actually part of a fun project done in collaboration with Stef, the creator of the SarahZero web comic. Stef's work in web comics is ground breaking in that she follows NO RULES! Its awesome, her art and design is liberating and its great to see a comic creator that is able to come up with such creative work! Check it out at http://sarahzero.com/index.html

Monday, February 3, 2014

Blue Lines and Colors for New pages of Raegan & RJ in Space: Satellite Rescue

I am at it again, working on finishing up illustrating another book of Raegan and RJ in Space. This issue is called Satellite Rescue, and covers R&RJ's first mission in space. In this issue you will be able to see my talents as a colorist. I will be coloring most of the sequential pages in Manga Studio with some special effects done in Photoshop. The client wants this book completed by mid February. Its going to take some pushing but I think that I can get it done in time. Be sure to pick up your copy when its done, it will be well worth it.