Saturday, May 18, 2013

BombShell's Back!

working pencils and inks for a pin up of BombShell. I am trying to get as good as my buddy Yomin Park. She did some kick but concept sketches of Bombshell. I used Jazun's stock image from DeviantArt as a photo reference. The knives are going to be from 3D models I am getting together later tonight. I am pleased how this is coming about so I decided to post the WIP.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Enter the Cobra!

Jimmy "Cobra" Chung and one of his slaves. Cobra Chung is the main protagonist in The HellYeah! Webcomic do to come out soon. He proves to be fun to draw and it gets challenging sometimes. I want him to look consistent in on each page, so I have two face references. One is an actor and the other is a co-worker that looks just like the actor I based Chung off of. I plan to do a photo reference shoot of my coworker so I have the reference materials I need and dont have to depend on the same internet head shots of the actor. I could do screen captures from his TV show but I dont have the time or patients. This photo could not have been possible without the very cool photo reference from Veyga on here is a link to more of his stuff. This guy rocks with cool photo references. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

This is the layout and design that my son and I came up with for his Marine Corps Junior ROTC unit's raider team. The guys really liked the patch and my son took it upon himself to go get t-shirts and sweats made. He did the illustration for the back of the T-Shirts and what was cool is that it had the look and feel of a similar design I did form my Marine Corps NROTC unit when I was in college.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Missions to the 3 Suns Review: Go Raegan and RJ in Spaaaaace!

Get your copy today on Kindle click here for the link

Book Review by Steven Daws for Readers' Favorite

In "Raegan and RJ in Space", Alpha Centauri Mini-Adventure, we discover that after recently colonizing the planet New Bethlehem in the Alpha Centauri star system three months ago, this group of intrepid explorers prepare to travel on a mission to the planets three suns in order to release satellites to monitor the solar flares. This graphic novel is one of a series of books written by Richard Collins and deals with the events of this group, all of whom are Christian. There is a pastor on the team, who leads the group in prayer and blesses the missions. Will they make it and deploy the satellites?

These stories are aimed at children and it pitches it very well, being informative but not overly complicated. There are elements of sharing, teamwork and healthy eating, along with a description of the star system and the colony. The artwork and illustrations throughout are very good with vibrant colours and a good level of detail. The main characters are well-developed and will be easy for children to relate to, especially as Christianity is shown as part of their lives but not the main point of the story. Children are part of the crew, and you get the feeling that there is no danger of them coming to any harm. The stories are mini-adventures and are only approximately thirty pages in length. That is enough to complete a well-rounded story without the reader losing interest. Overall, a very good story, well-written and illustrated.

another Get Well card in the making

The SWAT Drive-On-Girl. She is the base model for a (yet another) get well card for a buddy. She is also going to be the first Pin Up for a series of Morale Patch Line that I am creating. Serious lessons learned in sketchup while doing this one. This is going to be a KICK A$$ piece when its done! GO TEAM TACTICAL PENCIL!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

an Act of Faith!

here is my pin up fan art of the Jessica Stern, of An Act of Faith. This indie comic is a Christian Super Hero Comic done right! Al Nickerson's free flowing and cartoon pencil style combined bullet proof inks and a story line that is unique make a recipe for a dynamic comic book. Get your copy today, and you might just be able to see this piece in its complete form as a pin up in one of the issues! and for information on Al click here

Thursday, May 2, 2013