Thursday, October 20, 2016

Learning Conceptual Design - Kali

Harry Hausen's original Production Concept

This was a fun project. I have toyed with the idea of a multi armed character for a while. But never really had any use. So when we were challenged to remake characters Harry Hausen designs from "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad" I chose Kali. I remember watching this movie a few times as a kid in elementary school. Kali always scared me because I thought, that if I had to fight her she had multiple arms and swords.

I started my research and saw that the goddess was normally drawn blue, I started with a blue concept but as I got to the final stages, a light grey skin tone seemed a better choice.

I wanted to have her costume look like it was painted, almost like a henna tattoo.

The largest challenge was the anatomy. I believed that her race would have for latissimus dorsi, pectoralis and scapula. But since this is the female version, though she had four pecs she only has two mammary glands /breasts. This keeps her having a familiar sexy female  aesthetic.

I liked the idea that she would have three fingers. I imagined her race living in a tropic area, like the amazon, with high mountains. They would need strong hands to climb, so the three digits would offer strength and stability to hold heave and climb. The same for the feet. They stand on three toes and this allows stability in trees. The tail to me was the most interesting. The tail originates in the C7/T1 area of the spine. I'm thinking that it will give some stability when climbing also, allowing the manipulation or helping moving limbs or coiling around objects to bring them near for inspection while giving a greater range of motion to the tail.

As for the art process. I learned to consider lighting more, also I am less afraid now to color and flat and add some tonal changes to my flats.

You may see her as a character in a future fantasy project. My idea is that these characters are the natural rival and enemies of Jazsman's Centaur and pursued relentlessly by Cody's Cyclops.