Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Power Hour Challege

Challenge Accepted. Complete a comission sketch in under 1 hr. I was motivated by Ali's Power Hour. I listened to her 1 hr CD and completed this promo drawing just as the last song was playing. Ali had a cool KickStarter so much so that it motivated me to start my own kickstarter. She had great perks and super cool videos. Plus she is from Pittsburgh too. Rock on Ali! for more power hour check out the link. . Oh and I am still doing commissioned sketches, and no they wont be done in an hour! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Soul of a Hero Web Comic Closer to LAUNCH!

I am working on final layout for the web comic. Sorry about the delays. It has been a learning experience, thanks you for your help, support, prayers and being a fan! This is gonna be GREAT! BTW thanks again to all those who supported the IndieGoGo campaign. I am waiting for the printed comics to come back from KaBlam! then I will be sending out ALL of the SOAH perks!