Monday, January 1, 2018

Back in the Art Dojo

I have spoken at length with my tutors, mentors and professors and they all have suggested that I go back to the basics to build on the foundations that I have learned thus far. In doing so I am striving to put in an at least an hour a day doing nothing but gesture and quick figure drawings.

 A large criticism is that I dont have a true "style". It was then explained that this is because I look at various different artists and styles and tend to emulate them. Though I would glean important things from them, my style was not developing into something unique and as a signature. I was also told to focus on artists whose style I enjoy and want to emulate, to develop my style. I chose the talented Frank Cho, and Tom Bankcroft on the professional industry end, Orr-Malus on the indie side.  I enjoy both of these two because they have such basic clean lines while their styles are highly expressive. So for these next few mothns I hope that you will see an influence of both of these great artists in my style as it develops.

These 5 min studies are done using traditional charcoal pencil

 These exercises should strengthen my understanding of anatomy and flow for my drawings. I've noticed some progress just this week. For that I am thankful.

Hue and Value? That is another story and struggle for another day.

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