Monday, March 27, 2017

Daysleeper Animatic

Creating the Animatic

I have survived storyboarding class. I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I think my strong point as an artist is in visual story telling. This semester I learned how to use Adobe After Effects via trial by fire! And the fire was HOT!

I found that when creating storyboards and animatics the process and planning are just as important as the application and execution.  I think that creating a shot list starting with 000 and going to 010, 020,030 ect is the most effective and efficient rout. When translating the script to boards it's easy to miss something and its easy to add it back in if you have at least 10 positions to play with.

Next is setting up the boards. Its best to create each board as an individual Photoshop layered image. Even if the board, is not going to animated or calls for an animatic doing so allows you to add this effect if needed.

Also I learned that SketchUp is your friend. Set design is a snap as well as set animations and walk throughs.

Here is my storyboarding final... enjoy!

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